About Us
Lockdown Radio was established 25th April 2020 when were at a global pandemic. In the lockdown period when all humanity was in lockdown and many lost their jobs and family members. We have decided to try to uplift the spirits of our community and the rest of the world by creating a platform for everyone to rise their voices. We are open to those that are willing to learn more about radio and to help grow them for the future. As a community radio station, we aim to deliver high quality content to our subscribers / listeners and provide a platform for local as well as international business / organizations to expand their reaches along with rich content to enable further growth. We broadcast Globally, not just in one country, city or town, and this puts us in a fantastic position to showcase our country and other countries and the wealth of resources we and others have to offer. We aim to expand our reach, and attract the right talent to aid our vision of growth over the next 6 months, with high profile of live events and interviews with industry experts and talents.
Lockdown Radio is a copyrighted "NPC Radio station" - This website was designed and hosted by RVN Studios